Veterans Entrepreneurship Program (VEP) at UTC

Our guests on the radio today were Robert Dooley, Dean of the UTC College of Business, and Kristina Montague, Assistant Dean of External Affairs. They joined us to discuss the Veterans Entrepreneurship Program at UTC.  I have included a brief overview of the program below.  Click here to access the program's website. Application deadline is Friday, April 27th.

A Unique Entrepreneurship Program for America’s Heroes

July 21-29, 2012

UTC College of Business

Chattanooga, TN

 The Veterans Entrepreneurship Program (VEP) at UTC offers cutting edge, experiential training in entrepreneurship and small business management to our nations veterans.

UTC is partnering with Oklahoma State’s School of Entrepreneurship in the delivery and development of this highly successful program.  Like a military boot camp, this program is intense, rigorous, and challenging. The VEP consists of a series of training modules designed by UTC and OSU faculty and successful entrepreneurs who will work with participating veterans to provide an interactive and informative experience.

Our goals:

  • Open the door to entrepreneurial opportunity and small business ownership to veterans
  • Develop competencies in creating and sustaining an entrepreneurial venture
  • Provide a support structure for continued success as a business owner

 The VEP program is offered entirely free to qualified veterans accepted into the program.


“This program gave me more useful information in one week than my first six years of college. This ground-level, user-ready, experience-based training that gives the delegate a serious leg up in the business world, especially in the area of starting a business.”

-Chris Redding 2011 OSU VEP Delegate

Student Loans

If you have student loans or know anyone who does, this is worth watching.  Click here to view the video.

The Joy of Quiet

ABOUT a year ago, I flew to Singapore to join the writer Malcolm Gladwell, the fashion designer Marc Ecko and the graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister in addressing a group of advertising people on “Marketing to the Child of Tomorrow.” Soon after I arrived, the chief executive of the agency that had invited us took me aside. What he was most interested in, he began — I braced myself for mention of some next-generation stealth campaign — was stillness...

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The Beginning of the End Game

The Beginning of the End Game

By John Mauldin

I came away from Maine, and meeting with some of the most astute economists in the world, with a series of impressions that will be the core of this week’s letter. On Friday night, S&P downgraded US debt, and of course I need to comment on that. But as we talked the next two days and into the nights, I came increasingly to the opinion that this is indeed the Beginning of the Endgame. I must admit it has come about faster than I thought. But that is the nature of these things. And so, with no “but first,” let’s jump right in.

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US Debt Downgrade - Jim's Interview on WDEF News Channel 12

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The recent downgrade of the U.S. credit rating has state officials and local financial experts talking.

Everyone wants to know what an AA+ rating instead of an AAA rating means for us.

Senator Bob Corker is calling the credit rating downgrade a wake-up call, but will it be a wake-up call for our pocket books?

We caught up with not only Senator Corker, but also a local expert to explain.

Jim Place, a financial expert in Chattanooga, says, "Well, it's as if you look at bad news one day after another. On Saturday your parents who have been married for 35 years call you and say they're getting a divorce. Then, you come in Monday morning and your boss tells you you're fired. Monday evening you're going out to dinner with your girlfriend, and she tells you she's leaving you."

Place says that is what the Standard and Poor's Credit Agency is saying to us, AAA is gone, you are now dating AA+.

Senator Corker weighs in and says, "It's an embarrassment that we as a country, the greatest country in the history of the world, are where we are."

But where do we go from here? Place says the average person will not be seeing a major change anytime soon.

Place adds, "If you indeed carry this out to the Nth degree, interest on your car loans would be more, interest on homes would be more, interest on everything would be more because the world would have deemed that you are less credit worthy."

With the negatives, come the positives, according to Senator Corker.

Senator Corker adds, "I think the positive effect would be to bring greater focus on what we already know has to happen, and that's to get our country's fiscal house in order."

Congressional leaders have a lot of tough decisions ahead of them, like who to put on the deficit reduction panel or super committee.

Corker says he would love to take on that challenge if they wanted him.


United States Postal Service

This is the article from Business Week that we used for the show today.  It is an in depth analysis of the issues facing the postal service.  Click here for the full article.

Marnie Pehrson Radio Interview

Marnie Pehrson is a best-selling author, speaker and online publicist who helps entrepreneurs find their place in the world and deliver their messages online. She is the creator of the longest running content directory,, where you can promote your articles, press releases, information products, videos, audios and expertise. Marnie is also a wife and mother of 6 and the author of 20 fiction and nonfiction titles. If there's truth or talent to be highlighted, Marnie's your girl. Her mission is to help you live yours. 

For more information about Marnie's work please visit: and

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